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Zehr's Flowers & Landscaping Team

Zehr's Flowers & Landscaping continues to operate under the ownership of Samantha Widrick, making Zehr's a second generation woman-owned small business.

Samantha Widrick

Samantha Widrick


Office Staff

Cassie Houppert: Office Manager

Cassie Houppert

Office Manager

Andrew Walseman

Business Administrator


Timothy Widrick

Timothy Widrick

Nursery Manager

Commercial Landscaping

Collin Wright: Project Manager

Collin Wright

Project Manager

Marcus Hills

Project Manager

Dionisio Ramirez: Commercial Landscape Estimator/ Engineer

Dionisio Ramirez

Commercial Landscape Estimator/ Engineer

Tim LaParr: Commercial Foreman

Tim LaParr

Commercial Foreman

Tim Staring: Commercial Landscape Foreman

Tim Staring

Commercial Foreman

Zach Miller: Commercial Landscape Foreman

Zach Miller

Commercial Foreman

Nick Intorcia: Hydroseeding Specialist

Nick Intorcia

Hydroseeding Specialist

Residential Landscaping

Connie Noftsier: Residential Design Consultant

Connie Noftsier

Residential Design Consultant

Derek Hartzler

Derek Hartzler

Landscape Design Consultant

Isaac Widrick

Isaac Widrick

Foreman and Design Consultant

Garden Center

Hannah Hartzler: Garden Center Manager

Hannah Hartzler

Garden Center Manager

Kendra Widrick

Kendra Widrick

Garden Center Manager Assistant

Juleanna Duell: Flower Shop Assistant

Juleanna Duell

Flower Shop Assistant

Malana Pominville

Malana Pominville

Flower Shop Assistant

Carrie Sabsutch

Angeline Zehr

Anna Widrick

Anna Widrick

Office Assistant

Ava Roes

Ava Roes

Marcia Gingerich

Marcia Gingerich

Allyson Grau

Ryken Pominville: Nursery Assistant

Ryken Pominville

Nursery Assistant


Darrick Widrick: Mechanic

Darrick Widrick


David Haldeman: Laborer

David Haldeman

Paul Haldeman: Laborer

Paul Haldeman

Randy Noftsier

Matt Clark

Jonah Mullin

Joshua Chisholm

Brock Pominville

Mark Woodhouse

Ross Rowland: Laborer

Ross Rowland

Kelvin Widrick: Laborer

Kelvin Widrick

Lucas Roes

Lucas Roes

Patrick Lewis

Patrick Lewis

Grounds Maintenance

Kyle Sabsutch

What Our Clients Have to Say

Very quick with estimating, designing and completing our work. Final total even came in a little less. Guys worked fast and hard and did an amazing job on our flower gardens and planting new trees. Friendly, fast and efficient workers! I would highly recommend Zehr's Flowers and Landscaping!!!!

Amanda S.

Zehr’s has a wonderful, reasonably priced assortment of garden plants and the staff is friendly and helpful. I’m already planning on going back next spring.


Thank you to Zehr’s Flowers and Landscaping for doing such a great job on our flower beds and planting new trees!! It looks great!!

Amanda E.