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First Editions® Jade Patina™ Hedge Maple

Discovered in western Ohio, this sport of hedge maple has leaves that are more deeply lobed than the species, similar to an Acer griseum. It was selected for its cold tolerance, after an exceptionally cold winter, and was not affected by frost cracking, which can adversely affect the species. An adaptable tree which will tolerate dry soils and severe pruning.

Plant Features:

  • Height: 20 - 35'
  • Spread: 20 - 35'
  • Shape: Upright oval
  • Foliage: Dark green
  • Fall Foliage: Yellow
  • Zone: 5 - 7
Plant information and imagery used by permission from Bailey Nurseries.
Plant Features are recommendations for optimal performance. Availability subject to change.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I greatly enjoy the memorial garden you created for me and have received many compliments, thank you and to the polite and helpful crew, thank you! You went above and beyond!


Zehr’s has a wonderful, reasonably priced assortment of garden plants and the staff is friendly and helpful. I’m already planning on going back next spring.


Day one completed! Zehr’s Flowers and Landscaping are doing a wonderful job! I have been saving for this project for a long time and they are bringing my vision into reality! My dream patio, part of phase 1: Zehr’s Flowers and Landscaping outdid themselves!

Carolyn W.